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Building hedge fund websites and brand identities.

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Move your firm from reputation to brand

We build highly effective online resources for hedge funds. We call them "assets" because they can improve your business.

HFIN Creative is the design, development and branding arm of HFIN One. We bring together hedge fund industry experience, marketing and brand expertise and leadership in technology to produce highly effective, custom websites and compelling brand identities for hedge funds.

Creative websites are built by the same team and technology of HFIN One. We are excited to help. Scroll down to learn more about what HFIN Creative can do for you.

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The Process

Collaborative, flexible and transparent.
We are deeply committed to delivering your most successful website and building our relationship with you.



Your edge Creative identifies the unique nature of who you are, what you do and how you are different. We get to the heart of your business, understanding your investment strategy, target audience and team personalities, to uncover the essence of your firm.



Your identity What emotion will people have when they visit your website? How will your firm be remembered? We push innovation at every step to create a design that communicates who you are and delivers an experience your visitors will remember.



Your site Your website will be built using the technology, expertise and resources of HFIN One. You will get a full-functioning, cross-browser and html-compliant website that is highly engineered to drive website traffic and convert more visitors to contacts.



Your asset We will work with your team to ensure a fast and successful launch. Our hosting and maintainence services make monitoring, uptime and upgrades seamless and worry-free.

Your Investor Portal

Connecting your public website to your private client portals on HFIN One is easy. It improves search results, converts more web-based traffic to contacts and gives clients a seamless, branded and secure gateway to you.

HFIN Creative


Your Identity You have a website, you're attracting visitors and you're monitoring traffic. Now what? Our login and registration pages will move your website from a static billboard to a valuable online asset.


Secure Login

Intelligently Connected Our login pages not only know exactly who to let in and where to take them, but they also give you a powerful technology to move relationships forward more successfully.



Your Information Your information is secured behind two firewalls, the second of which you control, and housed inside a compliant network that helps you benefit from better security, more control and happier investors. Everything begins here

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Our Integrated Capabilities

From initial planning to website hosting and maintainence,
we provide the gamut of marketing, development, design, deployment and branding services. Our model is flexible by design for true collaboration, customization and success.

Branding & Identity

How do investors perceive your firm? What emotional connection would you like to evoke? Whether you are seeking to realign your image or launch a brand, we can capture and communicate your identity across all channels.

Website Design

An effective design can energize audiences, catapult businesses and build brands that endure. At Creative, it's not just about getting a website built, but creating a powerful visual image that can transform your business.

Website Development

We build engaging, results-driven websites designed to drive traffic to your site and convert visitors to contacts. You will have ultra-clean, html-compliant code that works across browsers and devices and is primed for speed and search engine performance.

Client Portal

HFIN Creative can seamlessly link your public website to your client portals on HFIN One, providing a seamless public-to-private experience. You can convert website traffic to contacts to clients in one place. Access your client portal now.

Search Engines

Search engine optimization is the art of connecting your website to people searching for it – or things about it. Our SEO service aligns things in your favor, helping you capture and connect with people most interested in you or the things you do. We believe that if you have a website, then you should be harnessing the power of the Web.

Investor Presentations

When someone reads your presentation in 20 seconds or less, what should they remember? We can move your hedge fund presentation into a concise, unified pitch that leaves readers knowledgeable and yearning for more.

Website Deployment

Our deployment practice makes launching a website seamless. Whether you need total hosting support or a source code hand-off, we will provide the services, training and support you need.

Website Maintenance

Let us take the headaches and distractions out of your website maintainence process. Whether you have a twenty person technology team or are the standalone person in Investor Relations, we can help you spend more time managing and growing your business.

Follow Button

Following on HFIN One makes it easier for hedge fund investors to access information on the managers. We can add your company's follow button to your website for free. You'll get better investor connectivity and oversight and a new path to grow your network.

Case Studies

We create value for
hedge funds

LTW Capital

HFIN Creative helped LTW Capital build a brand identity as a serious entrant in the global macro universe. Launching Soon

Rivercast Capital

HFIN Creative performed website power-up services for Rivercast, maintaining the firm's brand identity, while enhancing the look, functionality and value of the website. www.rivercastcapital.com View Site

Quantvest Capital

HFIN Creative helped Quantvest launch its website in record time, fully equipped with login, registration and portal capabilities of HFIN One. www.quantvestcap.com View Site

"B" Capital

"B" Capital has been operating for over 20 years. We helped them launch a new brand rooted in their history with a new website, succinct messaging and captivating designs. View Website View Site

Altum Capital

HFIN Creative moved Altum Capital's website from a single landing page to a rich online resource to create brand excitement, attract visitors and help them grow. www.altumcredit.com View Site

Riva Ridge Capital

Tasked with a project of creating a straight forward website, we brought together the Riva Ridge name with the personalities and investment style of the firm, creating an asset that communicates strength, consistency and stability. www.rivaridgecapital.com View Site

DelMar Capital

As a hosting client, we upgraded Delmar's website and overhauled the code, giving it a more modern look and better front- and back-end performance. www.delmarasset.com View Site

HFIN Creative is Different

It's about creating rich visual identities for hedge funds through websites.
We deliver positive, meaningful experiences and launch brands to make your selling, marketing and servicing efforts more successful.

Innovation in marketing and design

It's a smarter process for maximum success. Unlike any other website development agency, Creative adds inside experience and access to the digital design world to uncover the true personality of your business and create your most accurate, effective visual identity.

Fast, fluid and seamless process

Our senior team can develop, design, debug and deploy. This means we can speak to you in layman’s terms about the technical details and make modifications on the fly for faster response times, a more transparent, collobaritve process and a more successful website.

You're not in Kansas anymore

Creative is changing the status quo.  We are moving hedge funds from landing pages to webpages that strengthen and grow businesses. It's an entirely new process designed to maximize outcomes and move your business forward.

We understand your business

Our founder spent six years identifying competitive edge in hedge fund managers. We leverage this experience to uncover the key characteristics about your firm that define you, and communicate it in the most effective way possible.

Building websites with positive ROIs

Websites are powerful tools. Whether it's for converting visitors to clients or instilling a positive, lasting image of your firm, we build results-driven websites that can catapult your business and help you stay ahead.

Your client portal is waiting

Having a client portal has never been easier and more effective. When you move into your client portal on HFIN One, we will add a login to your website. You'll be able to convert visitors to clients and provide clients secure, online access to you and information they need.

Access your client portal

Driving relevant traffic to your site

You want hedge fund investors to see your website – we make that happen. Unlike anywhere else, from optimizing how your site is captured by search engines to providing valuable links on this website and giving your website presence inside HFIN One, we put your website in front of the audience that matters.

We operate at the center of the industry

The hedge fund business is our business and our reputation matters. We care about your success, work endlessly to deepen and grow relationships and uphold the quality of our name.

We believe in the power of design

A great design can transform a business. At Creative, it’s not just about using our designers, but the right artists for creating the most successful visual representation of your firm.  

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