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How it Helps

Hedge Fund Managers

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HFIN Docs is connectivity, intelligence and control.

Boost security. Total version and access control.

With HFIN Docs, your audience views a single document that exists in one location. You control who can see it, know who does not and ensure that everyone has the right version.

Work faster. Simplify your reporting process.

There's no more compiling emails or reporting to multiple locations. Just upload once and be done – then kick back and start collecting the data.

Service better. Good for clients. Good for you.

Reduced friction for your clients with customized document delivery controls means higher read rates and improved client loyalty for you.

Sell easier. Say goodbye to the guesswork.

Know exactly who to follow up with, when and how. HFIN Docs gives you vital intelligence needed to deepen relationships and convert prospects to clients.

Hedge Fund Investors

Get Connected

Access documents from your managers and funds with a single login.

Simplify life. File management made easy.

HFIN Docs securely and intuitively stores documents from your managers in the Cloud, so you can access them whenever and wherever you are.

Save time. Research first. Talk second.

Read marketing presentations, newsletters and due diligence materials before your first conversation.

Stay current. The most current versions anytime.

HFIN Docs shifts the burden of maintaining current documents from you to managers. The latest documents are available anytime and you can be notified whenever there are updates.

Stay informed. Access docs in one or no clicks.

Do you like email updates? HFIN Alerts consolidates information across your managers, so you can stay fully informed without logging in and keeping your inbox tidy.

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