Who We Are

Hedge Fund Investor Network was founded in 2009 to bring transparency and efficiency to the hedge fund industry. We combine hedge fund investment experience with technology and innovation to help people and firms do extraordinary things. Here are some of our core principles:


Know what to build – and make it great.

We have been in your shoes. When our founder began allocating institutional capital to hedge funds in 2004, he realized that life could be better for everyone – and people could be doing more with less resources, if they just had easier access to people, technology and information.

Over the next six years, our founder allocated billions of dollars to hedge funds as an analyst, portfolio manager and advisor to institutions, holding over 1,000 meetings with hedge fund managers and helping individuals, foundations, fund of funds, family offices, consultants and wealth management firms make sounder investment decisions.

Throughout this period, he launched an independent fund of hedge funds, helped grow a hedge fund advisory business, created an independent, accessible and actionable buy-side research on hedge fund managers and launched a highly engineered online network exclusively for allocators.

So, we've been there. We know your pain points, the opportunities and your potential. We wake up everyday building things to make your life better. And then we work to make it great.


Be energized and passionate.

We are excited about our jobs. We love innovating and figuring out ways to help you do things faster, better and cheaper than before. We love connecting you to technology and innovation. We are inspired by new ideas, great designs and creating new ways of doing things. We believe this energy and enthusiasm can be felt in everything we do.


Build enduring relationships.

We focus on building strong relationships with everyone we come across. We believe we are in this process together and that we can do more, and do things better, by working together. This practice has been a core part of our success.


User experience is everything.

Since the beginning, our aim has been to provide the best user experience possible. We are obsessed with making HFIN One easy to use. We believe that if an instruction manual is required, it's not intuitive enough. From the positioning, sizing and coloring buttons to the experience you have when navigating across the pages, you should instantly know how to access what you need and never wonder if things could be designed differently.


Focus on creating value.

We love synergies. That's why we bring people, information and technology together. Things just work better that way. By integrating solutions, we can do things cheaper and make things work better – like investor relations portals and online document management systems. It lets hedge funds save time and access new and valuable intelligence about their business. It helps investors discover, research and connect with managers in one place. By combining people, each person's feedback benefits the rest of the network. Simply stated, there's a ton of value being created – and that makes us excited.


Constantly innovate and improve.

We are immersed in this business. We know what we do well and how we can make things better. We are continuously working with our members to provide access to technology, information and people to help them be better at their jobs. We are constantly making good things great and making great things extraordinary.


Be fully independent.

When we established HFIN One, we knew that our vision could only be achieved with independence. Operating at the center of the industry and remaining a trusted and unbiased source for information and technology means having no outside interests, conflicts or affiliations. It allows us to focus on one thing and do it better than anyone else.


Uphold the industry's most relevant network of people.

If there is one basic principal that governs our industry, it might be that hedge fund managers need hedge fund investors and hedge fund investors need hedge fund managers. Consquently, access to HFIN One is exclusively for hedge fund managers and for people who are not only "accredited investors", but who also are investing in hedge funds. It's not just to keep things compliant, but it's more effective and creates value.

simply put, we are Problem solvers. Connectors. Free thinkers.