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Your fact sheets

HFIN One digitizes and automates your fully branded, customized fact sheets, creating online versions ranging from exact replicas to complete redesigns. With no rigid templates, you have the freedom to upgrade your efforts and maintain or enhance your branding.

Robust platform

HFIN Fact Sheets harnesses the data security, reporting and analytics infrastructure of HFIN One, offering instant updates, precise calculations and all the charts, tables and benchmark data you need.

Save time, eliminate work

No more manually collecting data, running calculations, updating charts and tables and correcting formatting means more time to speak with investors, manage your portfolios and do tasks that create more value.

More distribution options

Access more distribution tools including HFIN One's comprehensive dataroom and smart document sharing techologies.

More flexibility

Create and share variations of your fact sheets over different time periods and benchmarks.

Easy to start and use

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