what is HFIN One for

Hedge Fund Investors?

HFIN One is a central operating system to find, research, invest in and monitor your hedge fund investments.




One Network, For you.

HFIN One was founded in 2009 on a single belief—if you could have better access to hedge fund managers, information and technology, you could lower your costs, work faster and achieve higher risk-adjusted returns.

Life becomes easier with easy-to-use technology.

It's estimated that there are more than 10,000 hedge funds around the world. How do you find the most suitable ones and learn about them all? How do you research them, understand them, develop trust for them and stay informed? How do you become confident that you are making the best possible investment choices at every point in time?

Unlocking value

Since the start of the hedge fund industry, investing in hedge funds has required time, knowledge, costs, relationships, energy, resources, experience and an ability to tolerate illiquidity. Given all that is involved in finding, researching, investing in and monitoring hedge funds, we have long believed that the returns for investing in hedge funds could—and should—be higher.
That's why we created HFIN One.

The HFIN One Belief

What would an extra $100 billion a year do?

What if pensions, foundations and endowments earned 3-4% more per year on their investments? That would allow more funding to go to retirees, healthcare research, universities and non-profit organizations.

If a bank or an insurance company earned a higher return, higher savings rates and lower insurance premiums could be passed on to consumers.

Higher risk-adjusted returns on hedge fund investments would create more jobs, advance scientific research, increase consumer spending and fuel economic growth, stability and prosperity worldwide. More capital would flow into the industry, magnifying, perpetuating and extending the economic and social benefits.

The future we see is bright.

From ideas to investing to monitoring

The hedge fund industry at your fingertips

We blend powerful tools in a single environment to save you time, improve your productivity and help you do more—like saying goodbye to extracting performance numbers from emails and doing hours of Internet search.

A few ways HFIN One makes life easier


Access all the due diligence documents you need and stay up to date


Find exactly what you're looking for

Internet Search

Get more relevant results and get informed when something is new


Move into the driver's seat with every manager relationship you have


See how your portfolios and funds are performing at every moment


All the data and analytics you need, without any work from you


Analyze how one or more funds impact your overall portfolio

Less email

Move from hundreds of emails to consolidated updates

Due diligence

Know where you are with every due diligence process at all times


Combine your note taking with your research


Get insights on how funds and position sizes impact performance


Access managers and information in a way that works for you

Do and achieve more

Hedge fund managers, information, service providers and technology.
All in one place.

Centrally manage your workflow

Benefit from a central operating system to find new managers, conduct due diligence, evaluate track records, build awesome portfolios, monitor public information and make decisions.

Research managers faster

Comprehensive, up-to-date information maintained by every manager helps you shrink your due diligence process from months to minutes.

Sit in the driver's seat

Control 100% of the information you want—how, when and where you want it—and on the managers you want.

Do less data collection and more evaluation

With real-time data from your managers, the markets and the Internet, you no longer need to extract performance information from hundreds of emails and calculate how your portfolios are performing.

Get Internet search results with less noise

Say goodbye to missed information, timely Internet search and saving search results. Our engines are working 24/7 to bring you the most relevant information published online about each manager and help you stay current on anything new.

Make more insightful allocation decisions

Our proprietary optimization toolkit gives you powerful portfolio insights that can help you make more informed investment sizing decisions.

HFIN One provides us with connectivity to automate most of our efforts.

Take the controls

When you can automate most of your efforts, you can spend more time finding better investment opportunities.


Research faster


Increase intelligence


Make better decisions

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