what is HFIN One for

Hedge Fund Managers?

HFIN One is a communications, marketing and investor servicing platform for hedge fund managers to attract leads, convert prospects and service clients.

You can be more successful.

Stop pushing information.
Start converting prospects.

HFIN One is not just about the technology or connectivity. It’s about helping hedge fund managers transform their businesses.

So many hedge fund managers send emails to investors that will never be opened, forgetting that advancing relationships involves helping people—and having quality, personalized conversations.

So, with 10,000+ competitors how do you win?

ANSWER: Design every touch point to move a relationship forward

Want to learn more about how to win?

To help you start thinking about and managing your business in a new way, we put together a presentation that illustrates what it means to focus on your brand and how to use it.

Inspiration + Trust = Clients

With your entire marketing toolkit in one place,
acheiving more success becomes possible.


Security, compliance, control, intelligence. Way better than email.


Information that will help you run and grow your business.


No more blast emails. Integrated reporting that investors love.


Update and distribute your monthly fact sheets in minutes


The best leads are the ones that come to you.


Follow up with each person in a tailored, timely way.


We've got something better.


Add a branded client login to your website.

Integration unlocks value

We’re defining a whole new category of technology we call Customer Relationship Success™ (CRS).

It is the power of having all your customers, technology and information in one place.

Make results-driven decisions

From timing your emails to scripting your follow-up messages, critical real-time data allows you to measure your success and constantly improve— everything from read rates to conversion rates.

Focus on your customer, not your routine

When you can see the entire picture of every relationship, you can have more personalized conversations, build stronger relationships and connect with people in a productive, helpful way.

Get into the driver's seat of every relationship

Say goodbye to waiting and wondering. Now when you send someone your information, know exactly how to follow up, what to say and when.

Boost security and compliance

Centralizing and securing your information is not just smart for compliance, but also for your business. You'll appeal to more investors and have more success converting prospects.

Institutionalize your efforts and automate

Want to get big? Act big. Remember this formula: Inspiration + Trust = Clients? Having enterprise-class, operational infrastructure helps establish trust and automation helps increase success.

Become a champion marketer

Why does the rest of the world use information and technology to service their customers and prospects? Well, because it really works.Let's take your communications, marketing and client servicing efforts to the next level.

Awesome investor experiences

When information is easier to access, people do it more.
That's why HFIN One also makes it easier and more productive for your clients and prospects to access information from you.

The benefits for you?


Shorter sales cycle


Higher conversion rates


Stronger relationships

Join the 100+ hedge fund managers from 23 countries that use HFIN One to service investors and grow their businesses.

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