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Hedge Fund Managers

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Follow your firm across the Internet and
connect with investors following you.

Get complete coverage on your firm.

We're looking across more than 4,000 online publishers for real-time, public information on your firm, so you can centrally track your company across the Internet.

Connect with your network and grow.

HFIN One is building a network around your firm. Allocators follow managers on HFIN One to stay more informed. Connect with the people following you.

Know how to respond to news.

Knowing what's happening about your firm is important, but knowing what information your investors are receiving is transformational. It's intelligence that can help you create more effective PR and IR campaigns.

Distribute information uniformly.

When your firm receives publicity, investors following your firm on HFIN One receive it. HFIN News uniformly and automatically places information in the hands of your followers.

Hedge Fund Investors

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With more coverage and cleaner results than Internet search,
researching managers and staying informed is easy and effortless.

From Internet search to instant information.

HFIN News monitors and continuously optimizes its search queries on hedge fund managers to capture the most relevant public information available – so you don't have to.

Portfolio updates anytime, anywhere.

Our aggregation engines are running 24/7. Track what's happening right now across all managers – or just the ones you follow.

Information you want without logging in.

HFIN Alerts makes staying informed easy. Receive information you want, when you want it and on the managers you care about. Get everything cleanly delivered to your inbox in a consolidated email.

Know what's published on Twitter.

Information about hedge fund managers is being published on Twitter faster and more comprehensively than any other channel. You can capture it with HFIN News.

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