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Hedge Fund Managers

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Connect with investors in your space.

Come discover investors interested in the things you do. It is a perfect matching system, so you can find, hone and connect with your relevant investor universe, 24/7.

See investor profiles for clients and prospects.

Know more about the people investing in your funds. With up-to-date profile information, you can build your client base and be more compliant.

Publish full team biographies and photos.

By managing experience information about your firm's professionals, investors can centrally research your team and understand what makes your firm unique.

Accelerate investor due diligence.

Convert team biographies to dynamic, useful timelines in a central, secure and online environment. Investors can discover the history of your team and verify experience information without leaving HFIN One.

Hedge Fund Investors

Build your profile

Connect with managers in your universe.

With over 7,000 hedge funds worldwide, finding and connecting with the right set of managers is difficult. HFIN People lets you hone your universe, so you can find, discover and monitor the managers that matter to you.

Simplify your due diligence process.

With HFIN People, you have one location to access and monitor the key professionals at each firm. It makes verifying experience and school information even easier.

Market your firm to managers.

Investing in hedge funds is a two-sided process. HFIN People lets you communicate what you do and why you are unique to the managers putting your capital to work.

Control your online experience.

Privacy settings and preferences let you manage how you want to be seen and contacted inside the network. You can manage your online experience in the way that works best for you.