HFIN One Launches Centralized Hedge Fund News and Social Media Platform in Beta

A single network for comprehensive, real-time manager news and web-based coverage.

New York, NY -- July 5, 2011

HFIN One, a central information, communications and connections platform for hedge funds, hedge fund investors and information partners, announced today the launch of the HFIN News™ platform. HFIN News introduces a single destination for HFIN One members to access real-time and archived news and social media coverage on hedge fund managers worldwide in a customizable environment.

Aggregating content on more than 130 managers from the world’s most relevant sources, the HFIN News platform reduces the need to monitor scores of websites, providing one location to access, research and receive publicly available hedge fund content.

"HFIN One was founded to improve how hedge fund investors, hedge funds and information companies access information, connect, communicate and stay informed," said Founder of HFIN One, Eric Slaim. "HFIN News falls directly in line with our mission to unlock value for the hedge fund industry by connecting our members and partners to the information, technology and people they need."

The HFIN News platform aims to make hedge fund investing easier and hedge fund communications and content delivery more efficient. It introduces indexing standards that give hedge funds more control over how their firms are defined and information is accessed, while enabling hedge fund investors to acquire customized content.

Fund of funds, pensions, endowments, foundations, family offices, investment advisors, institutions and high net worth individuals benefit from centralized access to comprehensive information. HFIN News is designed to help them save time, reduce costs and make more informed and effective decisions.

Hedge funds benefit from central exposure to an active and institutional network of hedge fund investors, while leveraging communications and intelligence technologies to improve marketing effectiveness, provide transparency and increase information and business control.

Information partners gain direct, real-time access to a highly relevant, targeted customer network, using innovative technologies to streamline marketing, optimize distribution, increase revenue and maximize brand success.

Companies interested in becoming an HFIN One partner are invited to contact partners(at)hfinone(dot)com or visit http://www.hfinone.com/partners to learn more.

Accredited investors and hedge funds are invited to register at http://www.hfinone.com for free access.

About HFIN One

Hedge Fund Investor Network LLC (“HFIN”) was established in 2009 to bring transparency and efficiency to the global hedge fund industry through access to information, people and technology. In 2011, HFIN™ launched HFIN One to connect hedge fund investors, hedge funds and the industry’s leading information companies to the data, communications, analytics, people and intelligence they need on a single, online network.