HFIN One Unleashes HFIN Command Center™ for Hedge Funds

Marketing and investor relations made easier, more effective and secure.

New York, NY -- November 29, 2011

HFIN One, a central information, communications and connections network for hedge funds, hedge fund investors and information partners, announced today the public release of its HFIN Command Center™ for hedge funds.  HFIN Command Center was privately operated with 15 hedge funds representing more than $25 billion in assets.

HFIN Command Center brings to market a single, online destination for hedge funds to manage their full-cycle marketing and investor relations processes.  It provides a suite of fully integrated solutions to help hedge funds increase control, simplify connections and build and manage more successful, enduring organizations.

"HFIN Command Center directly addresses the challenges that hedge funds face in marketing, communications and investor relations and that hedge fund investors face in accessing accurate and real-time information," said Eric Slaim, Founder of HFIN One.  "It gives hedge funds more control over the client-side of their businesses, while making it easier for their clients and prospects to access the information they need."

HFIN Command Center packages the most relevant features of CRM systems, online document management solutions, marketing databases and company websites into a single application.  It integrates multiple solutions and data streams across the HFIN One network to create new possibilities in workflow management, connectivity, marketing, communications and information.

HFIN Command Center is comprised of three core and interconnected solutions: HFIN Communications™, HFIN Connections™ and HFIN Analytics™.

HFIN Communications

HFIN Communications is an intuitive control panel for hedge funds to control their presence on HFIN One.  Among its rich capabilities, hedge funds can manage company and fund information centers, control branding, identity and accessibility, secure documents, centralize reporting and eliminate non-secure email distributions.

HFIN Connections

HFIN Connections is a secure relationship management system for growing and managing networks and controlling how sensitive information is accessed.  Hedge funds can send access codes to investors, monitor invitations, field and manage access requests and centrally track investor relationships.

HFIN Analytics

HFIN Analytics is a transparency and connectivity platform that provides valuable insights and real-time and archived visitor, content and business information to improve marketing effectiveness and increase security, compliance and control.  It helps hedge funds better understand their investors and how their information is accessed and connect with their most relevant leads.

HFIN One is providing information on more than 150 hedge fund managers worldwide.  Hedge funds are invited to access their HFIN Command Centers by registering at www.hfinone.com/hedgefundsignup.  Hedge fund investors are invited to connect for free by registering at www.hfinone.com/investorsignup.

About HFIN One

Hedge Fund Investor Network LLC ("HFIN") was established in 2009 to bring transparency and efficiency to the global hedge fund industry through access to information, people, technology and innovation.  HFIN One was launched by Hedge Fund Investor Network in 2011 to connect hedge fund investors, hedge funds and the industry‚Äôs leading information companies to the data, communications, people, analytics, intelligence and solutions they need on a central, fully integrated online network. HFIN One is located in New York.