HFIN One Adds Twitter to News Offering to Provide Real-Time Updates and Connections For Hedge Fund Investors and Managers

Connecting decision makers to the information and people necessary to make informed decisions

NEW YORK, January 16, 2013

HFIN One, a fully integrated solutions network for hedge funds, hedge fund investors and content partners, announced today the addition of Twitter to its HFIN News content aggregation platform. The addition of Twitter expands HFIN One's comprehensive data filtering service and provides Hedge Fund Investors and Managers with another business-critical channel for gathering and sharing real-time information.

With more than 500 million people on Twitter worldwide, including hedge fund industry news agencies and journalists, information about hedge fund managers is published on Twitter every day. In 2012, HFIN One saw more than ten times the amount of information on Twitter about hedge fund managers than it did across all other news channels combined, but most hedge fund managers and investors do not have an efficient or effective way to access it. HFIN One's integration of Twitter makes it possible for hedge fund managers and investors to easily and effectively access the information published across the Twitter network about the hedge fund managers they care about.

Helping hedge fund investors

The HFIN One platform helps hedge fund investors reduce the time, cost, redundancies and missed information often involved in self-aggregation by automating the manual work that most hedge fund investors do. With a single location to access information on hedge fund managers – from news about managers to newsletters from them – hedge fund investors can spend less time collecting information and more time analyzing it.

"Information is getting published on Twitter faster and more comprehensively than any other channel, and we are excited to bring this source of information to hedge fund investors," says Eric Slaim, HFIN One's Founder and CEO. "The addition of Twitter to HFIN One will continue to help alleviate the arduous nature of researching and following managers so investors can pursue more investment opportunities and make sound decisions."

HFIN One handles the back- and front-end technologies to capture and organize information in a way that makes accessing information for investors much easier. Hedge fund investors, for example, can choose which managers they want to follow, how they want to follow them, what information they want to receive and how often they want to receive it – all designed to move hedge fund investors from hours of information gathering to information in just one click.

Helping hedge fund managers

Hedge fund managers have always been required to know about their investors, but until now, have had few ways of obtaining, tracking and archiving important information about the relationships between investors and their firms. HFIN One's integration of technology, solutions and people that managers need, enables them to know their investors and businesses better.

HFIN One's Following system, for example, enables hedge fund managers to more uniformly distribute public and private information to hedge fund investors, build their investor networks, identify and connect with targeted investors and know who is receiving what information about their firms. Tools like company Follow buttons and campaign managers make it easy for hedge fund managers to inform investors about accessing their firms and information on HFIN One.

Accessing HFIN One

Hedge fund investors are invited to register for free access at www.hfinone.com/investorsignup.  Hedge fund managers are invited to registered for free access at www.hfinone.com/hedgefundsignup.

About HFIN One

Hedge Fund Investor Network LLC ("HFIN") was established in 2009 to bring transparency and efficiency to the global hedge fund industry. HFIN One was launched by HFIN in 2011 to connect hedge fund managers and hedge fund investors to information, technology and people they need in a single, online location. HFIN One is located in New York, NY.