Modernizing Workflows, HFIN One Automates Fact Sheet Production for Hedge Fund Managers

Introducing HFIN Fact Sheets Premium, HFIN One technology that takes time and hassle out of updating fully branded, customized fact sheets for hedge fund and other alternative investment managers.

NEW YORK, NY – March 6, 2018

HFIN One announced today the launch of HFIN Fact Sheets Premium, an online application that enables alternative investment managers to produce their fully branded, customized fact sheets each month in a fraction of the time.

Users of the application receive digital online copies of their fact sheets that update automatically and can be downloaded and shared, eliminating the need to manually collect index and benchmark data, run calculations, update charts, tables and performance metrics and correct formatting.

HFIN Fact Sheets Premium also gives its users the ability to create custom variations of each fact sheet by changing time periods and benchmarks and distribute their fact sheets in more ways.

"We are constantly looking for more ways to help hedge fund managers and investors increase their efficiency and effectiveness through technology and innovation," said Eric Slaim, CEO of HFIN One. "Automating fact sheet production was a natural extension of this mission and has been allowing managers to spend more time speaking with their prospects and clients."

HFIN Fact Sheets Premium combines HFIN One's data reporting, security and analytics technologies with website design and development expertise to digitize each manager's fact sheets, creating electronic copies that range from exact replicas to complete redesigns.

Alternative investment managers interested in fact sheet automation can contact the HFIN One team at

About HFIN One

Founded in 2009, HFIN One is an online market network that combines network, marketplace and software solutions for alternative investment managers and investors. HFIN Pro is HFIN One's flagship product, an integrated suite of technology, intelligence and workflow solutions for hedge fund managers to increase investor engagement, improve investor relations and convert leads to clients.