What we do

We provide a variety of solutions for the hedge fund industry to help people and firms do and achieve more. Simply, we connect hedge funds, hedge fund investors and service providers to information, technology and people they need in a single online location. Things just work better when brought together.

Life before the wheel

When tires were square, moving things was hard – no matter what you were moving or how you were moving it. With no better alternatives around, you didn't realize that you were exerting a lot of energy and achieving very little. But you innovated and found ways to get the most from your efforts. You were maximizing success with the tires you had.

Then, one day, someone raced by you. Their tires were new – their tires were round. This person moved three times more stuff. They finished their job early and had time, resources and energy to do other things. Their wheels required less material and were cheaper to use. Simply, this person was doing and achieving more.

This is technology. This is HFIN One.

What we do for hedge fund investors


We provide hedge fund investors a single location to access hedge fund managers and information – from across the Internet and managers themselves. It's built in a highly intuitive, fully integrated platform, so you can save time, reduce costs, find better ideas, research faster and stay more informed.

What we do for hedge fund managers


We provide hedge funds managers one location to manage and grow the client side of their businesses. We give hedge funds more information and control over their businesses, so they can convert prospects to clients faster, boost security and compliance, improve client service and build stronger, more enduring organizations.

What we do for service providers


We provide service providers central and customized access to hedge fund managers and/or hedge fund investors, making it easier for their customers to purchase or consume their products and services. Simply, we increase demand for information and help our partners sell more.


Follow hedge fund managers you care about.

HFIN People

Connect with and learn about people.

HFIN Sites

Market your firm and service investors. Access information from and about hedge funds.


Share, manage and track documents faster, smarter and more securely.

HFIN Traffic

Learn more about your business, content and relationships.

HFIN Creative

Build a brand identity through a value-creating online website.