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How it Helps

Hedge Fund Managers

Get Connected

By integrating information, people and technology, HFIN Sites provides the most effective and scalable way to market and brand your firm, sell your service and service your clients.

Attract investors Control your story and your brand.

Communicate what you do, 24/7, in front of a global, online network of hedge fund investors. You control how clients and prospects find, learn about and perceive your firm.

Convert visitors Move your visitors to clients.

Market your firm, monitor your traffic and convert your visitors to contacts and clients. You can have more productive conversations and a shorter sales cycle.

Service clients Service everyone in one location.

With Fund Portals integrated on HFIN One, it's easy for visitors to request access. You get to centrally manage your marketing, sales and investor relations processes.

Monitor activity Make better decisions.

HFIN Traffic captures, archives and displays your Site's activity. It's investor connectivity, intelligence and oversight to help you be more compliant, work faster and increase success.

Hedge Fund Investors

Get Connected

Find, research, connect with and follow managers in one location.
And access everything from news to newsletters.

Find managers Research managers before you call.

Learn about managers before making contact. And spend more time focusing on the investment opportunities that matter to you.

Simplify life One place to access all of your managers.

You have a single destination to access accurate and real-time information from all of your managers. Say goodbye to multiple logins and destinations and hello to centralization.

Work faster Read a newsletter, then check the news.

Fully integrated means news, filings, tweets, blogs, documents, data and people all in one place – with the technology to easily manage it.

Control the flow Decide what, how, when and where.

Following your managers gives you one click access to information from and about them. Email alerts lets you receive consolidated updates without logging in.